Dr Walcott

From owning a successful health-food business to achieving his doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, for Michael Walcott, alternative medicine has always been a way of life.

At a young age Michael saw first-hand, members of his own family using and benefitting from alternative therapies. This exposure to another view point of ‘medicine and healing’ opened his mind and planted a seed which later blossomed into a genuine desire to make a difference. Michael started by opening his own health food and café business some 30 years ago. His growing awareness of what other people needed in his interactions with them in his business eventually inspired him to become a health practitioner.

Dr Walcott moved to Toronto, Canada and pursued a two year diploma course in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, followed by completing his doctorate in 1997 at the now closed school (Ontario School Of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine). He also completed diplomas in Iridology at the Canadian Institute Of Iridology. Reflexology with the Reflexology Association Of Reflexologist. Workshops in Bach Flower therapy, Polarity therapy and Shiatsu during the period 1990-1992.

We must correct the underlying problems that cause our illnesses. And in so doing, our bodies correct themselves and return to optimal health.

Continual education is one of the foundations of an effective healthcare practice. In 1995 on detoxification course Dr Walcott was introduced to German Biological Medicine. From this point onward German Biological Medicine completely changed his approach to practicing. The European approach placed more emphasis on functional diagnosis, and technology is at the cornerstone of these assessment techniques. Dr Walcott’s belief is that medicine must be viewed holistically, and that the patient has to be at the centre of the therapy for it to be affective.

After studying, Dr Walcott opened a clinic in Toronto. On one of his trips to Barbados, Dr Walcott observed that the lack of ‘alternative’ health choices on the island was leaving many people without access to truly effective forms of health care. It was at this moment that he decided to return to Barbados.

On his return home to Barbados, Dr Walcott opened Herbal Apothecary, a small clinic and herbal retail business where he began to see patients and realized his goal of giving back to his country. Noting that that there were only a handful of alternative health practitioners in Barbados he was one of the founding members of the first Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Association1n 1997.

Education is one of the foundations of an effective healthcare practice. During his varied studies including German Biological Medicine, Dr Walcott saw the importance of a complete approach to healthcare, by being open to all aspects of medicine irrespective of their origins. Also important is the investment of proper healthcare technology and tools in order to diagnose and treat patients effectively. By implementing this approach in his practice, Dr Walcott’s flexibility of mind and relentless pursuit of new research has set him apart from the many alternative practices which now exist on the island.

Integrated Natural Health in Hastings embodies and represents the journey Dr. Walcott has taken. His commitment to and understanding of his patient’s health issues, along with his vast experience and willingness to continue searching for answers definitely puts INHealth at the forefront of helping people discover the path to a healthy vital life.

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