In 1949 homeopathic principle received a scientific foundation based upon the experiments and finding of Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in his book titled Homotoxicology.

According to homotoxicology, illness is the expression of self-healing. The afflicted organism attempts to regulate its functions through the body’s greater defense system by activating detoxification and excretion. Inflammation and fever are not necessarily “bad” signs, but rather serve to detoxify and eliminate toxins. This occurs according to the chemical processes as defined and demonstrated in homotoxicology. Through this, the physician is provided a different perspective of illnesses as many puzzles are clarified and methods of treatment are re-established. Inflammation need not be suppressed by antibiotics and or chemotherapy as this often provokes retoxification and therapeutical damage that should be avoided. By suppression, the illness is propelled towards dangerous retoxic cellular phases that manifest themselves as chronic and lingering disease. In homotoxicology the remedies stimulate the five systems that comprise the defense system as defined in homotoxicology.

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