NES ProVision

NES ProVision is a revolutionary approach to healthcare, the culmination of 30 years of research into how physics explains biology. Developed by Harry Massey and Peter Fraser, the NES ProVision system integrates research from the fields of physics, quantum biology, mathematics, acupuncture, and Western and Chinese medicine. The result is a clinical system for restoring well-being through the correction of the human body-field, which is the structured network of energy and information fields that is the master control system for the physical body.

NES Identifies Problems & Solutions

NES ProVision is able to “read” a person’s body-field to find any distortions or blocks in its information and energy fields. According to NES theory, these blocks are at the root of any physical problems. The scan provides comprehensive details about all aspects of the body-field, including but not limited to:

  • Major organ systems
  • Environmental influences
  • Nutrition
  • Emotional states
  • Viruses/Bacteria

NES ProVision does not treat symptoms, but instead reveals any problems with body-field energy and information regulation. Correcting body-field processes helps to enhance the physical body’s own self-healing capabilities, and as a consequence may resolve all kinds of health complaints.

NES Infoceuticals

The NES Infoceuticals provide corrective information to restore proper body-field functioning. NES has developed a unique method of imprinting a base of plant-derived minerals in purified water with the quantum information correlated to different aspects of the body-field. The Infoceuticals act as magnetic “signposts” to the subatomic particles, so they know where to go in the body-field and can move the body toward homeostasis. After a short time using the Infoceuticals, most people experience increased health, vitality, and emotional and mental clarity.

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