Sensitiv Imago

Integrated Natural Health Clinic has some of the latest in healthcare technology & most up-to-date practices in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. A major diagnostic tool found at Integrated Natural Health is the Sensitiv Imago. This revolutionary device takes its roots in bio resonance research that started back in the 1950s by scientists around the world such as Japan, Russia and the United States.

After decades of research and development with over 100,000 patients and over 1,000 diseases, this device is able to analyze a patient and compare the results with an exclusive database compiled from its research around the globe.

Within thirty minutes a patient can be advised as to exactly what their diseases are, identify the history of the disease and reveal a one-to-five year prognosis of disease risk. The Sensitiv Imago automatically selects the methods of treatment and tests them for the best results based on the patient’s diseases and pathologies.

This technology available at Integrated Natural Health gives you access to accuracy and speeds of diagnosis that, until now, have never been possible.

Here is what Integrated Natural Health and Sensitiv Imago can provide you:

  • Automatically recommends methods of treatment for each disease
  • Non-invasive biochemical blood analysis
  • Microfloral analysis detecting viruses, bacteria and invaders
  • Detection of allergens and their reasons
  • Identifies hereditary predisposition for diseases
  • Monitors and identifies changes in the organs: functional and organic
  • Determines the acid-alkaline balance in the tissues

Being able to accurately identify and treat disease and its causes is critical to good health. With Integrated Natural Health and Sensitiv Imago you can diagnose, cure and prevent any physical disease or neurological disorders. Contact Integrated Natural Health and discover how a healthy life can change everything.

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